New passports being denied to applicants having CNIC photos in blue background.

Byline: Imran Ayub

KARACHI -- A large number of people who applied for passport have been returning empty-handed from passport offices when they were told that their computerised national identity cards (CNIC) carrying photographs in blue background are no longer valid for the key document required for international travelling, it emerged on Saturday.

Such applicants are being told that they have to apply for a new CNIC having photographs in white background. And, this important piece of information is being conveyed on a case-to-case basis and no public announcement has been made in this regard.

Unaware of this, a large number of people who still possess valid CNICs carrying photographs in blue background were shocked when they came to know that they had to go through another hectic phase of making a new CNIC.

Many people have been told to get new CNIC with picture in white background

The directorate of passports and immigration, Karachi and the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) gave contradictory versions and there is a dire need for the authorities to intervene for the sake of the public.

'There is an issue in the database of Nadra which sometimes doesn't accept or verify the CNICs with blue-background photograph,' said an official. 'So we request and suggest to the people who have such CNICs to apply for a new CNIC having photographs with white background if they want their passport applications to be processed. We have brought the situation into the knowledge of the authorities to resolve the issue once and for all,' said an official.

The government had introduced computerised NICs in 2000 through Nadra which required an applicant's photograph in blue background. The requirement was modified a few years ago and the condition of required background was replaced with white one.

However, there are hundreds of thousands of people who still possess valid CNICs with blue-background...

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