New investment sector in Pakistan.


Byline: Asad Mughal

With us entering 2019, Pakistan has stirred a revolution in the world of technology and e-services. Today many business tycoons and investors look for good investment opportunities that would profit them along with Pakistan's growing economy. Business tycoons want to invest in projects related to e-services and e-commerce because success is always guaranteed in this due to the rapid growth of internet and technology.

There are so many different investment strategies, investment options, investment jargon, and investment ideas, that a novice investor can become confused and discouraged before ever getting started. Before an individual can delve into beginner investing strategies, I think it's important to define what an investment really is and the benefits of investing properly and strategically.

Biggest investments that are put forward in Pakistan are the taxi-based services, which is almost used by every other citizen of Pakistan. A big transportation network based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which was rooted in Pakistan a few years ago and has become the go-to-transportation network in Pakistan. Investors seem to readily invest in this to gain more and more profit and for providing never ending benefits for the people of Pakistan. It is app-based everything related to e-commerce and electronic business. Where you download the app, book your ride and you're good to go.

A few days ago I heard about another app-based e-services network 'Timesaco' which has started its work in Pakistan. Yes, it is our local business company which has been launched in competition of other online e-services. Currently, it operates in the twin cities and it has announced that its operation will also start in other cities in next few...

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