Neglecting A Stitch In Time.

I, Kashish Ali, am a resident of CPGCL Colony Guddu. First of all, I would like to appreciate the work that you and your team are producing. Your newspaper is one of the most read newspapers throughout the country. Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I will like to accentuate a recent burning issue i.e. fire incident at the Guddu Thermal Power plant.

Recently, an unexpected fire incident took place at the Guddu Thermal Power plant. It resulted in complete damage to the steam turbine of Thermal Power Plant unit-II. The damage resulted in the loss of more than Rs15 billion from the national exchequer.

The 747 MW of cheap electricity is now out of the system. According to the investigation, the leakage in the roof during heavy rain, on the night of July 9, led to a short circuit followed by a fire at the site. Despite the horrific monsoon alert, the roofs of the site were not shielded to bear heavy rain. Coupled with the leakage in the roof, the fire extinguishing material was...

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