NDMA sends more safety equipments to fight corona.


ISLAMABAD -- The National Disaster Management AuAthority (NDMA) has dispatched ninth batch of safety equipments for doctors of Sindh, Punjab and Gilgit-Baltistan to fight against the Covid-19.

Two notifications were issued by the NDMA offering additional equipment to doctors of Punjab and Gilgit-BaltiAstan to enhance their efficiency against Covid 19.

According to an official of NDMA, in pursuance of the national efforts to contain Covid-19, two Bio-Safety cabiAnets were allotted to the government of Gilgit-Baltistan by NDMA.

Similarly, he said VTM, SWAB, PCR testing kits and Nuclear Acid ExtracAtion Manual would be given to the govAernment of punjab.

Punjab has also been issued one lakh PCR Testing Kits and one lakh Manual Nuclear Acid Extraction Kits Manual. One lakh VTMs and one lakh SWABs are also being sent to Punjab. Two bio-safety cabinets are being disApatched to...

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