NCRC may get policy seeking declaration of students' faith reversed.

ISLAMABAD -- The National Commission on the Rights of Child (NCRC) has decided to take up a recently enacted policy with the Punjab government, binding students to declare their faith for registration to sit in the matriculation examinations.

The decision was made on Monday when the NCRC, in exercise of its quasi-judicial powers under the NCRC Act, was hearing a case regarding the expulsion of minority students by a renowned private school in Attock on the basis of their religion.

The complaint was filed by minorities' representatives on behalf of the affected children.

The school administration along with the principal and Attock deputy commissioner were summoned by the commission.

In its last hearing, the commission had directed the deputy commissioner to meet the parties especially the parents of the expelled students and the school administration and amicably resolve the matter. The commission further directed the deputy commissioner to submit a report on the private schools complaint management system and mechanism to take action on the complaint.

According to a statement, the commission conducted a subsequent hearing on Monday in respect of the matter and the school administration tendered unconditional apology and also submitted that students were required to declare their faith for registration to sit in matriculation exams, as per the recently enacted policy of the Punjab government.

The commission acknowledged the policy for declaration of faith as a positive step which would enable students from...

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