Nawaz Who Decided On No-Trust Motion Now Talking About Leaving Govt: Rasheed.

ISLAMABAD -- Former interior minister Sheikh RaAsheed Ahmed on Sunday said that PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, who decided to oust former premier ImAran Khan through a vote of no-confiAdence, is now considering the option of leaving the government.

'The decision on the no-confiAdence motion was made in LonAdon. The same Nawaz Sharif is now talking about leaving the government,' Rasheed tweetAed, once again turning his guns to the PML-N leadership. He said that the country is in an 'economAic jam' and the people cannot pay bills of electricity and gas alongAside a fixed tax.

The politician went on to say that the coalition government 'just keeps holding ineffective press conferAences' while Imran Khan has 'taken over' after a brief campaign.

'The government is...

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