Nawaz Sharif family flying abroad after getting bail from the court said Dr Firdous.


Dr Firdous Ashiq said people had seen a family flying abroad after getting bail from the court. Along with Nawaz Sharif, facilitator Shehbaz Sharif had also left the country ignoring his basic role of an Opposition Leader in National Assembly, she added.

Referring to Shehbaz Shairf's claim of committing corruption of not even a penny, she said, 'Yes, he is right. He has not embezzled a penny but billions of rupees and used the looted money to buy palaces for his children.'

She said the Sharif family would have to face the law as the country would fall into a crisis if a former prime minister and chief minister evaded the law.

Firdous said the government knew the problems being faced by masses and was taking steps to overcome them.

The SAPM said Prime Minister Imran Khan had two options either to let the country become bankrupt or shift some burden to masses to revive the economic structure.

Dr Firdous Ashiq hoped that the inflation and economic crisis would come to an end in near future as the government was working hard to provide relief to the downtrodden segment of the society.

She said realizing the problems faced by the...

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