Nawabzadas 'flaunt unity' ahead of PA polls.

GUJRAT -- The Nawabzada family, the oldest political dynasty of Gujrat, has finally ironed out their internal differences as ex-MNA Ghazanfar Ali Gull resolved the issues within a month of his becoming the family head.

The differences over candidature for NA-69 (Jalalpur Jattan and Tanda) and PP-28 and some other affairs had been a cause of concern for the supporters of the family.

However, the senior family members showed unity in a news conference at Kothi Nawab Sahib here on Monday where ex-MNAs Nawabzada Mazhar Ali, Nawabzada Ghazanfar Gull, ex-MPA Nawabzada Haider Mehdi and Gujrat PML-N district president Tahirul Mulk announced resolving all sorts of issues within the rank and file of the Nawabzada group.

Briefing the media, Mr Gull said after an exhaustive discussion the family had decided to pitch Haider Mehdi as a candidate for PP-28 (Tanda-Karianwala) in the Punjab assembly elections the schedule of which is yet to be announced.

He said he personally would contest on NA-69 in the coming general elections [whenever held]. However, he said in 2028 Nawabzada Haider Mehdi and Tahirul Mulk (or his son) would contest for NA and PA seats, respectively.

It merits mentioning that initially Mr Gull and Tahirul Mulk had been the family's candidates for NA and PA seats, respectively but Mr Mulk withdrew in favour of...

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