NATO pivots to Asia.

NATO is embarking on a significant step to establish its presence in the Asia: Pacific region by planning to open a liaison office in Tokyo, marking its first office of this kind in Asia. The strategic move aims to facilitate regular consultations between NATO, Japan, and key regional partners like South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, recognizing the emerging challenges posed by China in addition to NATO's traditional focus on Russia. The proposal for the liaison office was subsequently shared among the alliance's 31 member countries in mid: April, as revealed by an individual familiar with the proceedings. Both NATO and Japan also intend to sign an Individually Tailored Partnership Program (ITPP) ahead of the July 11 and 12 NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania. Japan, as well as South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, is expected to attend the summit. The liaison office will facilitate increased cooperation between NATO and these four countries, dubbed the Asia: Pacific partners of NATO, or AP4. The meeting last year in Madrid was the first time the four nations had been invited to attend a NATO summit.

As part of their collaboration, Japan and NATO will also work together to address 'cyber threats, disruptive technologies, and disinformation activities.' In other words, the two will work on ensuring that the internet...

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