NADRA introduces new platform to identify sex offenders of child, woman.

ISLAMABAD -- The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) introduced a new platform National Sex Offenders Registry (NSOR), coupled with an SMS verification for citizens to identify sex offenders of child and woman.

The NSOR service helped citizens and institutions across the country to identify and track individuals who have been convicted of sex crimes against children and women. It is a dynamic database of sexual convicts, said a news release issued here on Saturday.

The links are established with various law enforcement departments and provincial governments so that updates are made in real time. This move is aimed at making the service more dynamic and responsive to the needs of the institutions and people at large in preventing sexual violence and abuse. An SMS-based verification service will alert citizens, employers and departments to beware of such culprits.

'This initiative has always remained closer to my heart, which is a critical step toward safeguarding women and children from sexual violence and abuse' said Chairman of NADRA Tariq Malik.

He announced that citizens can now use this service to verify the CNIC number of individuals being hired for household chores, at mosques, colleges, universities, or any other employment to ensure they are not sexual convicts, have a clean record and can be trusted around women and children.

The Chairman NADRA said, 'Preventing even a single instance of child or woman from sexual abuse is not just an act of protection but also...

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