NAB Amendment Ordinance aims at saving Imran Khan, allies: Saeed Ghani.


ISLAMABAD -- Sindh Information Minister Saeed Ghani on Saturday said the motive behind bringing National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Amendment Ordinance 2019 by the government is to save Prime Minister Imran Khan and his allies.

The minister said this in a press conference here Saturday.

He held NAB is a black law due to which the people were jailed and they committed suicide. But NAB did not change its attitude. Due to it NAB is becoming exposed gradually.

He remarked that the premier had once said that some of his friends are under scrutiny by the anti-corruption watchdog and he will now be happy as the amendment ordinance has saved them from accountability.

He remarked the amendment bill will benefit government officials, business men and Aleema Baji. This is not accountability but it is revenge in the name of accountability.

Saeed Ghani maintained that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has always opposed the NAB law.

The PPP leader said Sindh produces 70...

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