Naan price shoots up in Islamabad.

ISLAMABAD -- Amid unprecedented inflation in the country, the price of the staple Naan has increased up to Rs10 in the capital, with tandoorwalas charging between Rs25 and Rs30.

On the other hand, tandoorwalas have warned that the price of the staple food would go up further by Rs5 in the next two to three days due to the recent increase in the cost of wheat flour in the market. This means Naan would be available for Rs35 from next week.

In the last two years, the price of Naan has shot up by over 130pc, and by 75pc since the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) took over in April last year after the ouster of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI)-led government in the centre.

'Rs30 has been fixed as the new price of Naan while Roti is being sold for Rs25 in Islamabad,' some Naanbais told Dawn on Sunday.

At present, a Naan weighs 120gm to 125gm and is prepared from flour called 'fine' or flour from which bran has been separated.

Tandoorwalas charging between Rs25 and Rs30; another increaseof Rs5 expected

According to the price list of Insaf Naanbai Association Islamabad (INAI) displayed at almost all Tandoors, Naan is being sold at Rs30, Roti [Pateeri], Rs25; Qulcha, Rs35; Roghni Naan, Rs60; special Roghni Naan, Rs70, Paratha for Rs60, special Paratha, Rs70 and Afghani Naan is being sold for Rs50.

'A few days ago, we bought 50kg bag of fine Atta [wheat flour] for Rs8,000 but last week its price suddenly jumped to Rs10,000 and two days ago an increase of Rs3,500 was made in it. Now the bag was being sold at a price of Rs13,500,' a Tandoorwala in F-11 Markaz, Riaz Khan, said.

He said the association had just revised the price of Naan to Rs30 after the mill owners increased the rate of a 50kg bag of flour to Rs13,500.

'It means we have to...

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