NA body shows solidarity with Armed Forces.

ISLAMABAD -- The National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence Thursday exApressed solidarity with the Armed Forces of Pakistan who, they said, are the pride of our nation as it strongAly condemned the incidents of May 9.

The meeting of the committee was held at the Parliament House here unAder the chairmanship of Farrukh Altaf.

The committee discussed the preAvailing law and order situation and condemned the terror incidents of May 9. It remarked that it was imAperative upon every citizen of PakiAstan to respect the sanctity of the inAstitutions and the public properties of the country. The committee also paid tribute to the martyrs who sacArificed their lives for Pakistan. MNA Barjees Tahir moved a resolution as under: 'The Standing Committee on Defence expresses solidarity with the Armed Forces of Pakistan, who are the pride of our nation. The comAmittee strongly condemns the inAcidents of terror that happened on 9th May. Such incidents are deplorAable and intolerable, and...

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