'My sons were quite worried': Imran reveals the trauma his family braved after he was shot.

The assassination attempt on Imran Khan left the entire nation and the world reeling, but in a recent interview, the cricketer-turned-politician has shed rare light on the traumatic experience his family, especially his sons living in the UK, went through following the gun attack on him.

In a wide-ranging interview with British television presenter Piers Morgan, Imran talked about the elements allegedly involved in the assassination attempt, the personal cost he and his family incurred in the wake of the attack as well as his take on Pakistan's relationship with the US and his views of Rishi Sunak becoming the British prime minister.

Here are four talking points from the interview:

'My sons were quite worried'

Imran spoke about the shock his sons, from ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith, felt after learning about the assassination attempt.

'The moment I reached the hospital, after two hours, I spoke to my sons and of course I spoke to my wife who was quite relieved but my boys were quite worried and I hope to see them soon.'

Imran disclosed that his eldest son (Suleman) always differed with his decision to join politics. 'He was quite worried when I was shot,' he said.

The ex-PM also played down the threats to his life, saying 'we don't have any control on our life, it's all in Almighty's hands'.

'They will target me again'

Imran said that the gun attack on him was 'actually an attempt to permanently silence' him for 'exposing the elite capture' who were strongly opposed to an 'outsider' aiming to bring about a change in the current political system.

'These powerful people will try to target me again because they have a fear that my party will sweep the next elections,' he told the interviewer.

'They will try again, hence I have enhanced my security at home.'

Imran insisted that rule of law is something that is the difference between a civilised society and a banana republic. 'One thing that is keeping us back is we do not have justice in Pakistan.'

Imran once again lamented that he could not get a case registered against three 'important people,' following the armed attack on him, saying 'one of the nominees in our complaint was an intelligence officer'.

'Imagine what a common man goes through in this country. When he comes against the powerful, he is helpless.'

When asked who he could trust in the system when he was cynical about the ruling elite of the country, Imran responded 'it's the chief justice of Pakistan' as he was the one who could hold a...

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