Music school launches Season-II to encourage budding artists.

PESHAWAR -- The School of Funkaar has launched its 'season two' to encourage local folk artists, musicians and performers, who have neither access to mainstream media nor have a public exposure.

A large number of artists, composers and music buffs attended the event. The new facility would encourage budding folk artists along with senior music maestros to counter militancy through the force of local symphonies.

The School of Funkaar, a private initiative, is a state-of-the-art facility where budding artists, folk singers and musicians can display their talent using fusion of conventional and modern music gadgets.

The school has been set up by a group of youth of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa set up in Peshawar to uplift the emerging artists, musicians and vocalists and combat extremism through folk music. Preserving conventional symphonies alongside emerging talent is the main theme of the community initiative.

Founders want to counter militancy through local symphonies

Noman Alizai, the founder of the startup, while opening season two, said that after graduation in computer science, he and his colleague Sharoon Bhatti planned a community initiative that should work for uplifting local artists and musicians. The initiative was self-sponsored and needed funds to make it a success, he added.

He said that the first response was lukewarm but after some time, local artists and music buffs responded as their online index rose up significantly owing to the quality and substance and eventually School of Funkaar earned a...

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