Museum digs deep into rare marble plaque.

LAHORE -- As part of an extensive research programme on non-Muslim heritage of Pakistan, the Lahore Museum is conducting research on an exclusive art piece depicting a pilgrimage scene on a marble plaque.

This was stated by Hindu and Jain Bhuddist collection Curator Ahtesham Aziz.

He told Dawn that cleaning of the marble plaque titled, 'Pilgrimage Scene on a Marble Plaque' was under way and research was also being carried out on the artistic value of the piece which was placed in the Lahore Museum around six decades ago.

Mr Aziz said the marble plaque was unique and spellbinding. 'The plaque is in relief work and such a work just can't be found anywhere else. He said Hindu and Jain pilgrims take immense interest in this plaque when they visit the museum from all over the world,' he said.

'It is a large marble plaque from Gujranwala and dates back to the 19th century AD. It is beautifully decorated in relief and painting, and depicts the holiest site of Jain in Shatrunjiya in Gujarat, Kathiawar (India), showing...

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