Murree Incident: Zardari slammed federal govt over death of citizens.

Co-chairman Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari slammed federal government over death of citizens pertaining to the Murree incident.

While expressing his sympathy and condolences to the bereaved families in Murree, he said that the incident is very painful and added that he, equally shares the grief of the bereaved families.

He went on to say that the failure of the government to take timely action is reprehensible. Due to the inefficiency of the government, the innocent citizens lost their lives.

On Jan 8, the preliminary report of the tragic incident that took place in Murree was presented to Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Sardar Usman Bazdar.

According to sources, the report submitted to the Punjab CM said that Murree has the capacity to park 32,000 vehicles, while more than 72,000 vehicles entered Murree on Thursday.

The report also stated that the tourists parked their vehicles on the side of the roads after parking space ended.

Earlier, at least 22 people died in an enormous traffic jam caused by tens of thousands of visitors thronging a Murree to see unusually heavy snowfall, authorities said.

Police reported that at least eight people had frozen to death in their cars, while it was not immediately clear if others had died from asphyxiation after inhaling exhaust fumes in snow-bound vehicles.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said the military had mobilised to clear roads and rescue thousands still trapped near Murree, around 70 kilometres (45 miles) northeast of the capital, Islamabad.

Video shared on social media showed cars packed bumper-to-bumper, with one-metre-high (three-foot) piles of snow on their roofs. "The heavy snowfall caused a traffic jam and the closure of roads," Babar Khan, a tourist who was...

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