Multi-Layered Crisis Amid Political Wrangling.

ISLAMABAD -- The horrifyAing picture of unpreceAdented'MonAster Monsoon' in Pakistan, inundating one-third area, is yet to surface despite the 'known massive damages' so far. A damaging spell of rain is in the forecast of the MeteoroAlogical Department, which is feared to create more trouble in the most devastating province Sindh due to ravishing floods.

The multi-layered crisis due to floods affected all the secAtors such as Health, Education, Food Insecurity, Protection and Human Rights and Water Sanitation, which has compelled the government to appeal for another IMF loan solely for vicAtims of floods.The political experts believed that the unity beAtween centre and provinces to jointly handle the worrying situAation, worsening with each passing day, is the need of the hour. The unexpected Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif's recent tirade against PTI's Chief Imran Khan is clearly speaking non-accepAtance of each other in any matter including a joint effort for flood-victims.

On the other hand, it is clearly reflecting from the political speeches of Imran Khan against the PDM, in a country currently witnessing a national disaster that he was not in a mood for any reconciliation, they viewed.

The UN's reports over the floods in different areas revealed that devastating...

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