MPA asked to take elders into confidence about schemes.

BAJAUR -- The leaders of Ettihad-i-Malakan Mamund, an alliance of elders, here on Sunday criticised the local member of provincial assembly, belonging to Jamaat-i-Islami, for not taking them on board regarding the development projects

Addressing a meeting of EMM in Kaga area of Mamund tehsil, they said that MPA Sirajuddin Khan won the elections with their support but he failed to fulfil even a single commitment made with them.

The meeting was addressed by Malik Abdul Wali Khan, Malik Yousaf Khan, Malik Fazal Wadood, Malik Wali Mohammad, Malik Khan Wada, Malik Hazrat Habib and Malik Wazir Khan.

They said that JI leadership and EMM signed an agreement weeks before the elections that Sirajuddin Khan would take them into confidence regarding development projects and would not launch even a single scheme without their consultation while the alliance would support him in the polls.

However, they said that the MPA did not take any of elders into confidence about development projects. They said that they would scrap the agreement if the MPA did not mend his ways within a week.

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