Mountains and meditation.

KARACHI -- Sometimes when artists gain experience and traction in the world of art, they find a new kind of spirit to create art. As a result, the viewer gets to see works made with delightful abandon that previously were either non-existent or not that prominently noticeable in their effort. So the evolution in ideas gives way to a progress in creation that's new and interesting.

A two-person show that's under way at the Canvas Art Gallery features the artworks of two of the country's well-known creative individuals - Hamra Abbas and Mohammad Ali Talpur. Their credentials speak volumes for the talent they possess. What are they up to now in this show? To answer it simply (though there's more to it): mountains and meditation.

To expand on the idea, Abbas's statement reads, 'I am showing two new works. One is a panoramic view of a mountain range and the other is an installation of ten chevron-patterned, Various Waterfalls. Mountains are important in various religious traditions, often seen as sacred centres, a connection between earth and heavens, higher places of revelation and a symbol of fertility as the source of rivers.

'Various Waterfalls...

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