More than two hours on social media report poor mental health, anxiety and depression.


ISLAMABAD -- Spending more than two hours per day on social media report poor mental health, including symptoms of anxiety and depression.

On top of increased rates of anxiety and depression, spending too much time on social media can lead to poor sleep while numerous studies have shown that increased use of social media has a negative effect on sleep quality.

A social media expert said on Saturday that many psychiatrists are deeply concerned about the impact that social media has on mental health. Some believes that the constant distraction of social media contributes to shortened attention spans, a private TV channel reported.

In addition, many people who regularly use platforms like Facebook or Twitter report high level of stress, she added.

Social media is often described as being more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol. With the worst social media apps being Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat when it comes to addiction. TikTok is the latest social network with addictive qualities, she said.

Replying to a question she said social media is a modern phenomenon, revolutionizing the way that consumers seek information, communicate with one another and interact with businesses.

There are three billion active users of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter...

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