More Chaos.

As we begin day four of protests after Imran Khan's arrest in the Al: Qadir Trust case, it is important to take stock of all that has transpired. As of writing this, the Supreme Court had declared Imran Khan's arrest illegal, and for the case's hearing to resume in IHC today. However, even after the arrest being struck down, the former Prime Minister spent the night in Police Lines Islamabad, which had been his makeshift jail the day before.

The final decision on this case rests with the courts, which means that the arrest and even the way that it transpired will be debated for some time to come. But one thing that is established and is not up for discussion is that the violence on display throughout protests in the country was simply unacceptable. The attack on state property, from old historical buildings to other important infrastructure such as buses and toll booths, must be condemned by all, especially PTI leaders and supporters.

Both sides-the state and PTI-must now look for immediate de: escalation. PTI leaders have already walked back from the narratives being propagated, but the troubling audio recordings of PTI leaders willfully egging their...

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