More care exercised in appointment of cook than judges: Justice Isa.

ISLAMABAD -- Supreme Court Justice Qazi Faez Isa Monday raised objections to the calling of two Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP) meetings for the appointment of new judges to the Sindh and Lahore high courts in his absence.

'It seems that more care in the appointment of a cook is exercised than in the appointment of judges,' the justice said in a WhatsApp message to Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial, which was also addressed to the members of the council.

Justice Isa said he learnt, through the media that two meetings of the JCP have been called on June 28 and 29, respectively, to consider the nominees to the Sindh High Court (SHC) and the confirmation of the additional judges of Lahore High Court (LHC).

'Neither the Hon'ble Chief Justice of Pakistan (HCJP) nor Jawad Paul, the Secretary of the JCP (the Secretary), informed me of these meetings,' the justice said, who has earlier called for the dismissal of the incumbent secretary.

He said that his private secretary took photos of the secretary's letters which he WhatsApped him, and photos of the accompanying three large boxes of documents, presumably containing the particulars of the nominees and specimens of their work.

Justice Isa said he takes 'great exception' to the manner in which these JCP meetings have been called and that it has become tiresome to keep repeating the details of the 'manipulative and illegal' conduct of the secretary.

'Serious concerns expressed verbally and in writing, about the secretary remain unaddressed; the courtesy of a reply is not even extended. Is this disdain, arrogance or a flaunting of unaccountability? And, does such conduct strengthen and build institutions or weaken and destroy them?' he asked.

'When matters are determined unilaterally, and arbitrarily, and the secretary cum registrar is 'completely unaccountable', one may well question what legitimacy attaches to the Supreme Court taking issue with those who similarly exercise powers in their respective domains?'

Moving on, the justice raised 19 points as to why the JCP meetings should not have been called:

These meetings could have been held earlier, that is, when the SC was not on vacation. They can be held when vacations are over.

The HCJP himself issued the notification regarding SC vacations, which was circulated to all concerned and published in the official gazette. Consequently, normal/regular work is suspended during notified gazette vacations.

The SHC and the LHC are also on summer...

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