Moot for including suggestions in new law for restoration of students unions.


KARACHI -- The students' leaders have called upon the Sindh government to incorporate suggestions of the students leaders in the new law regarding restoration of students unions in the province. They were speaking at an open forum dialogue session titled 'Roles and Responsibilities of Student Unions in 21st Century' organized by the Youth Action Committee (YAC) at the Karachi Press Club. The dialogue was an attempt to bring stakeholders at the same platform and discuss how student unions can play their role and fulfill their responsibility with respect to global trends. The discussion was also a way for students and the civil society to gather recommendations to be shared with the provincial government that has moved the Bill on students unions in the Sindh assembly.

Welcoming guests and participants at the dialogue session, YAC's chairperson Sindhu Nawaz Ghanghro said that this dialogue session is a testament to the fact that students in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh are now aware of their rights. 'On September 21, students from Hyderabad to Kashmor walked to fight for their rights and demand the respect and dignity they deserve as citizens of this country. we thank the government of Sindh for approving and moving the Sindh Students Union Bill 2019 on the floor of the provincial assembly,' she said and added, 'However, the youth and students of the province would like to share their recommendations and suggestions for making the Bill useful rather than...

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