Mongolian National Circus Hopes to Attract Young People With Brand New Performances

Trans. by B.DULGUUN

"Five Cup Performances", a special show, was live broadcasted throughout Mongolia last Saturday to show the prize winning acts and promote the Mongolian National Circus.

Marketing manager of the Mongolian National Circus A.Tsatsral gave an interview about Mongolia's circus recent achievements and "World Circus in Mongolia 2016 international circus artists' joint show, which is scheduled to be performed from March 26 to April 10.

Shall we start the interview from the history and achievements of Mongolian circus troupes?

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the Mongolian National Circus is the sole organization running as a private arts institution since 2006. Circus acts require many years of practice and effort. You need to train three to five years to barely manage to stand on your hands and develop adequate flexibility. There's also acrobatics. Not anyone can do four or five spins midair.

A considerable amount of time was spent to stabilize and guide circus arts in the correct direction after the privatization of the Mongolian National Circus in 2008. The benefits of privatization started to show from 2009. In general, the development of an art form is displayed through achievements in domestic and international competitions. In this sense, the Mongolian National Circus is promoting the nation remarkably. Last year, for example, our troupes successfully participated in two large circus festivals.

Mongolian circus troupes won silver medals from Russia's World Festival of Circus Art IDOL-2015 and China's Wuqiao International Circus Festival with swing and jumping acrobatic performances. The first two editions of these competitions didn't have a Mongolian judge and it might have lowered our scores. In January 2016, our circus troupe took part in the Figueres International Circus Festival and Director of the Mongolian Circus Development Center N.Erdene sat at the panel of judges for the first time. Mongolia finally won a gold medal after losing points for so many years and caused a world sensation. A month later, they won the Golden Elephant prize at the 5th International Circus Festival with another swing acrobatic performance.

On their way back to Mongolia, the Mongolian troupe earned their third gold medal from the International Festival of Circus Art, held in Izhevsk, Russia. Although this festival isn't ranked as high as the Figueres and Idol International Circus Festivals, it is also quite a large festival...

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