Mohsin Baig's health turns critical due to non provision of medical facilities in Jail.

Islamabad -- Non provision of proper medical facilities to Editor in Chief of Online and Daily Jinnah Mohsin Jamil Baig has landed him into critical health condition with aggravating the pain in their ribs and eyes.

The persistent rise in blood pressure has increased the pain two fold.

The pain in the eyes and ribs stemming from the injuries inflicted on victim to state coercion and baseless cases senior journalist Mohsin Jamil Baig due to police violence and torture has intensified beyond affordability adding to his agony and distress.

The family members of Mohsin Jamil Baig told his blood pressure is on rise persistently which has complicated the matter of his injuries.

Earlier wife of Mohsin Jamil Baig haad issued a statement to media saying Mohsin Jamil Baig is facing life threat from the government. If any harm is caused to Mohsin Jamil Baig then the Prime Minister Imran Khan will be responsible for it.

Wife of senior journalist Mohsin Jamil Baig has...

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