Modi's hands are stained with blood of Indian Muslims: PM.


ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday that the hands of Narendra Modi are stained with the blood of Muslims in India.

'Modi is a psychopath. He is not a normal person. His party RSS is a reproduction of Hitler's Nazi party', Prime Minister said while addressing a launching ceremony of Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme in Muzafarabad for the families living along the Line of Control.

Referring to International Day against Torture, he said Indian extremist government of Narendra Modi has intensified its atrocities on people of Occupied Kashmir. He said use of pellet guns, abduction of youth, mass graves and other heinous crimes are increasing.

The Prime Minister expressed fears of a genocide of Kashmiri Muslims by the extremist government of India. Imran Khan said the Hindutva mentality of Indian government considers minorities as low class, inferior people.

He said the cruel people were usually cowards, who oppressed the helpless ones as they could not fight. Similarly, he said India had deployed around 900,000 troops in the IOJK to suppress eight million Kashmiri people.

The Prime Minister said it was Modi, who had ordered the killing of Muslims in Gujarat and expelled around 100,000 Muslims from their homes when he was the Chief Minister.

Similar to Modi, he recalled, Hitler's Nazi party had also initiated from promulgating discriminatory laws which followed the genocide of Jews and other communities. 'This is actually heading towards genocide,' he remarked. Imran Khan said he had been apprising the world leaders of the RSS mindset and their aggression in the IOJK as well as Muslims and other Indian minorities.

'In fact, he is pushing India to destruction. Even literate Hindus also think he (Modi) is dragging India to destruction,' he added. While praying for strength to the IOJK people to face the Indian oppression, the Prime Minister assured them of Pakistan's support at every international forum.

Imran Khan said this year the 5th August will be marked in a befitting manner with the determination that India will not be allowed to succeed in its designs.

Earlier in a tweet on the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Prime Minister Khan urged the international community to hold India accountable for its human rights abuses in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir where women, men and children have faced pellet guns, sexual assault, and electrocution, physical and mental torture.

He said these atrocities by Indian...

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