Missing lane marking, signage undermine ITP efficiency.

ISLAMABAD -- Despite repeated requests from Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) for installing road signage and demarcated lanes on the major thoroughfares of the federal capital, Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad (MCI) has failed to provide the mandatory assistance to the road users.

Moreover, the commuters have also complained about the missing facility on various avenues of the city including 9th Avenue, Islamabad Expressway, Kashmir Highway, Park road and others, posing a threat to the life and property of citizens.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report (published in 2013) road accidents will become the fifth major cause of deaths by 2030. Children, pedestrians, cyclists and older people are among the most vulnerable of road users.

Talking to reporter, ITP's Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Furrukh Rashid confirmed reporter that the department had written more than 2,000 letters to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and indicated the several areas across the city for placing these traffic tools and signs.

He regretted the apparent lack of response over the matter and called for strong coordination among two entities to rectify the current situation. Linking the traffic rules enforcement with the road furniture, he deplored that the missing facility was a main hurdle behind weak implementation of commutation laws.

These road's fundamental components including traffic signs and signage, warning boards, zebra-crossings, lane-markings and signal lights not only inculcate a traffic sense among the citizens but also...

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