Ministers targeting opp, not doing their jobs: Sherry.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan People's Party Vice President Senator Sherry Rehman yesterday said the federal ministers were busy targeting the opposition rather than performing their jobs.

The PPP leader said on the one hand Prime Minister Imran Khan was saying that the government had decided to use all resources against inflation in the country and on the other, he was using the services of political volunteers of a 'Tiger Force' for the identification and management of hoarders.

'Are local government administrators not competent enough to handle this? How are executive functions of the govt being passed on to an army of political volunteers, with no training, credentials or legitimacy in the law to police the functions of the market,' questioned the PPP Parliamentary Leader in the Senate.

In a statement, the lawmaker said asking a politically tagged force to monitor and check the prices of food and other items in the existence of a full government was a recipe for rampant abuse of casually bestowed powers.

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'This is the job of ministers and district administrators; if the cabinet cannot see this they should resign and sit home, considering now they have passed executive authorities illegally to volunteer vigilante gangs called the Tiger Force,' she added.

Sherry Rehman said instead of doing their jobs, ministers were busy targeting the opposition. 'In the past two years, PM has taken notice of the increasing inflation 11 times and yet we are still at the same place. Or is this also the responsibility of previous governments,' she said.

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