Minister urges speedy, quality work on development projects.

LAHORE -- Punjab Caretaker Local Governments Minister Ibrahim Hasan Murad said on Saturday that the provincial government would provide all kinds of support for completion of development projects and also ensure relief to people. Presiding over a meeting on development projects of the Local Government Department, he said that the government would not let the cost go beyond the fixed limit by controlling the expenditures. He instructed the officers to take the local community of the place where there was a public project into confidence and work with their cooperation. The provincial minister said, 'I will try my best to provide the best civic facilities to all villages of Punjab like the cities and make every possible effort to fulfill the aspirations of the nation by doing work hard for the days in power.' He said that he would ensure the use the national money honestly for public welfare. The LG minister said that support from the education sector would be beneficial for the master planning of cities. He asserted, 'Punjab Cities Programme is very important for development of small tehsils while restoration of old Lahore will enhance the beauty of the modern city along with foreign tourism.' Ibrahim Murad said that keeping cities and villages clean was a...

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