Militant commander seeks role of 'good Taliban' in peace.

LOWER WAZIRISTAN -- A local militant commander, who had announced a few days ago to start policing in Wana town from Nov 15 (Tuesday), has said that peace is not possible in the area without the presence what he said 'good Taliban'.

Mir Ajam Khan alias Commander Tiger, having affiliation with a local militant group, came to the city police station, Wana, in a pickup truck along with a dozen of his armed men.

In his brief speech there, Mir Ajam gave credit to 'good Taliban' for restoring peace in the area in 2007.

He said that these Taliban could restore peace and people would regret if 'good Taliban' were not handed over control of the town.

Mir Ajam, who belongs to Mullah Nazir group, in a video...

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