Middle way option may defuse unrest in country.

ISLAMABAD -- The government is seemingly in a mood to play offensive to counter all moves to avoid snap polls in the country. Though the government has not decided to use option of imAposing emergency in country, yet the option will remain under considerAation. Some treasury members in yesterday's federal cabinet meeting were even putting their weight on banning PTI and impose emergenAcy but proposal was turned down.

However, a religio: political parAty chief (JUI: F) Maulana Fazlur RahAman convinced rest of allied partAners for demonstration in front of the Supreme Court. Defence minAister had also termed apex court's behaviour towards former premier Nawaz Sharif as discriminatory.

To deliberate all these options, the government has decided to openly discuss these matters on the floor of the parliament and pass more resoAlutions. The parliament and judiciaAry are already at daggers drawn as the parliament is not showing any cooperation to apex court on its deAmand for providing records of some national assembly sittings.

The government has decided to...

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