A mere commodity.

Byline: Ali Zahid Amin-Lahore

ALBERT Einstein once defined education as the thing that remains after one has forgotten what one learned in school. But in today's day and age, it seems that education has simply become a commodity that is produced by institutions and consumed by people for the sole purpose of grabbing a high-paying job. Education should not only train people for their professional life, but should also liberate their minds, dictate their actions, broaden their horizons and, most importantly, develop tolerance for different perspectives.

According to Socrates, the only true wisdom is to know that one knows nothing. The statement might sound absurd to the naive, but it holds great depth.

Education is not about how much information you remember; it is about learning and having a humble approach to curiosity. All of us can learn from each other and our environment all the time. We can never be certain about everything so it is important to have an open mind. An educated person is not an egotist. S/he treats people with respect and equality and has a thirst for knowledge. It takes guts and high self-esteem to keep a learning attitude which is fostered by education.

Children and young adults are taught many subjects in schools, but not the value of education and what...

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