Meeting held to review security ahead of England cricket team's arrival.

ISLAMABAD -- While there are apprehensions that the upcoming tour of the English cricket team may be hampered because of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) long march, Islamabad police have reviewed security arrangements for the cricket team and ensured that the series would not be impacted because of political turmoil.

The first test match between Pakistan and England is scheduled to be held in Rawalpindi from Dec 1 till 5th. On the other hand, PTI's long march is expected to reach Rawalpindi on Nov 26 and can be converted into a sit-in which may continue for many days.

It is worth mentioning that the earlier sit-in of PTI in 2014 continued for 126 days, disrupting everyday activities of residents of the twin cities. Although the cricket stadium is in Rawalpindi, it is adjacent to the federal capital's territory.

Moreover, cricket teams usually stay in Islamabad and commute between the twin cities on a daily basis. The English team will reach Pakistan on Nov 27.

Although the English Cricket Board's security team has already expressed satisfaction on the security situation and given a go-ahead to the team but the recent development has raised many questions and triggered fear among...

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