Meet the Mongolian Lawyer Working At German Ministry of Finance


A Mongolian lawyer is serving as the youngest advisor to Germany's Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schauble. Her name is S.

Bilguun and she gave an extensive interview about her career, ways to improve Mongolia's tax system, and more.It definitely isn't easy to enter the German government and, not to mention, become an advisor to the minister.

How did you become an advisor to Minister Wolfgang Schauble?I first came to Germany in 1997, when I was 10. Before that, I studied for four years at the Mongolian-Russian School No. 3 in Mongolia.

I finished secondary school, college and university in Germany. Now, I'm studying at a service tax vocational training institute to earn a state title while working at the ministry.

I will graduate this year.Before entering the ministry, I worked as a tax lawyer and analyst at the best tax preparation company in Germany while playing the stock market.

Now, I'm a civil servant. Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schauble has 96 advisors and I'm the youngest among them.

I competed against 130 people for this position. Around 20 people passed the first examination, but I was selected after a job interview.

What kinds of questions were asked during the interview? How were you different from other applicants? In general, what are the criteria for German civil service employees?I was asked why I wanted to become a social worker, why I want to work in the government and other difficult questions during the interview. You must be a German citizen to be able to serve the government.

Advisors can be foreigners. Education background and the way people were raised are the most important criteria.

I think I was slightly better in the language department than other interviewees. Besides German, I can speak Russian, English and Mongolian.

They probably took speaking ability and personality into account when hiring. It seems that the government prioritizes hiring skilled foreign human resources for advisory positions.

What do you do as a tax advisor to the Federal Minister of Finance?I'm currently working as an advisor for tax related matters in Berlin. Every advisor has a personal secretary.

I'm in charge of many things. For example, for laws, I have to manage everything starting from its drafting process to implementation.

I review all legislations to see if they're consistent and if there's anything that needs to be vetoed, as well as whether all legislations have regulations and procedures that are practical purposes. I also overlook...

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