Mechanism required to work institutions within constitutional limit.

KARACHI -- A mechanism is required to develop to limit all institutions to work in their constitutional jurisdiction, an agreement or consensus is suggested for all stakeholders of the country that the long term policies developed in one regime must be continued irrespective of any change in economics managers or policy makers, existing rules must focus on the economics performance and wellbeing of the citizens, which minimize political uncertainty, institutions and legal framework are developed for strict accountability for the people involved in corruption or mismanagement and an element creating disturbance, violence, or law and ordersituation must be discouraged. These recommendations have

been made in a research paper on 'Exploring the Relationship between Political Stability and Economic Growth: The case od Pakistan', which has been written by Dr. Rizwan Ul Hassan and Mubashar Hussain of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi. This paper has been published Universities' first research journal, Jinnah Business and Economics Research Journal, recently. As per conclusion made in this paper, the study indicates there is an insignificant negative relationship between economic growth and

political stability. This can be interpreted as there is no significant and robust relationship between economic growth and political stability. This can be interpreted...

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