McCarthy's road to speakership mined by Republican infighting.

WASHINGTON -- Republican leader Kevin McCarthy lost an eighth vote for the US House of Representatives speaker on Thursday, even after he made several concessions intended to win over far-right opponents who have so far blocked his path.

The final tally of the eighth vote was barely changed from the seventh ballot. Mr McCarthy received 201 votes, just as he did in Thursday's first vote. Conservative candidate Byron Donalds received 17 votes.

Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries received all 212 votes of his party from a unanimous Democratic caucus.

Mr Byron received fewer votes than he had in the seventh round because of confusion over a third candidate.

It was unclear what would happen after the eighth vote, whether Republicans would attempt to adjourn the chamber or be forced to hold a ninth vote.

The continued absence of a speaker has left the House in disarray, as rank-and-file members can't be sworn into office until a speaker is elected and cannot set up their local or Washington offices.

This leaves all 434 members of the House technically still members-elect, not official voting representatives.

Earlier a seventh vote also failed to elect a Speaker as Kevin McCarthy couldn't get the required 218 votes to get the speakership.

As the...

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