Mayor seeks businessmen's help to fix city problems.


KARACHI -- Mayor Wasim Akhtar urged the business comAmunity to come forward and serve the city and the people from trade and industry must raise their voice for resolving probAlems in Karachi.

He expressed these views while speaking at a reception hosted by AssoAciation of Trade and IndusAtry (KATI) in his honour on Thursday.

Akhtar said that he had earlier spoke to chamAbers of commerce and inAdustry and other trader's associations but no one showed any interest to resolve city problems. 'It would be a great service to citizens, if they (tradAers) adopt a city park or hospital,' he suggested.

Mayor appealed to business community to help Karachi MetropoliAtan Corporation get its 1.75 billion rupees back from a private bank. The money was embezzled from the accounts of forAmer city government KaArachi. 'The FIA enquiry said the bank should pay this amount to KMC. I also spoke about...

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