Mayor's turf.

Karachi's mayor-ship slot is evenly pitched. The PTI's support to Jamaat-e-Islami for the coveted post in the largest metropolitan is likely to have a smooth sailing, if centrifugal forces do not come their way. The Jamaat, which has an impressive record of manning the city in yesteryears, is poised to churn wonders for the dilapidated city if it throngs to power. The PPP, nonetheless, being the majority seats winner in the contestable local bodies polls, will do all it can to torpedo the alliance of the willing, as it has the Sindh government's muscles at its beck and call. The hint from Sindh Labour and Human Resources Minister Saeed Ghani that majority of PTI's 43 Union Committee (UC) chairmen will not vote for the Jamaat's candidate must be read as an institutional intervention, sparking fears of a brawl in the security-scared mega-city.

The numerical chessboard for the prestigious office is quite interesting. The PPP had initially grabbed 93 seats, while the Jamaat had clinched 86, as the PTI trailed behind with an odd 40. However, the second round of vote detailed PPP with 84 UCs and Jamaat to...

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