May 9 miscreants, including women, to be punished: Atta Tarar.

ISLAMABAD -- Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Interior Attaullah Tarar on Saturday reaffirmed the government's commitment to punish all the people and instigators, including women, involved in the May 9 mayhem.

Addressing a press conference, Tarar said cases registered against the miscreants would be taken to their logical conclusion.

'May 9 will be remembered as 'black day' as the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) miscreants targeted and attacked national installations and burnt martyrs' monuments, which even the country's enemies could not dare to do,' says the SAPM.

He said that those attacks were planned and instigated by the party's top leadership for protection of the party Chairman Imran Khan in APS190 million corruption case, adding that the PTI chief was involved in corruption of Rs60 billion and plundering of the national exchequer.

The PML-N leader said the money transferred by the UK National Crime Agency under an agreement was supposed to be deposited in the government accounts, but the PTI chief plundered it.

Tarar said that the PTI chief tried to instigate his party workers after committing corruption. He said PTI's Shahzad Akbbar should come back to the country and answer about the corruption charges levelled against him in various cases. He also condemned burning of memorials of national heroes, including Captain Karnal Sher Khan, on May 9.

Tarar said that he, on behalf of the nation, expressed sympathies with the families of martyrs and national heroes, as the violent PTI miscreants had hurt their feelings and sacrifices by burning martyrs' memorials.

The SAPM said that now the PTI activists were indulging in propaganda on the social media that it was an injustice that woman activists of the party had been jailed and terrorism charges had been levelled against them.

He clarified that the arrested PTI woman activists were directly involved in throwing stones at policemen, leading violent people towards Jinnah House [corps commander's...

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