Matches and misery.

IT is great that international cricket has returned to the country, but it is not so great if you happen to be anywhere close to the stadium where the match is being played. If you happen to be a resident of the area, then it is not great at all. Road congestion due to traffic diversions and blockades around the stadium is nothing but a source of nuisance and misery for the people.

The point I wish to stress is that the traffic gridlocks are mostly the result of mismanagement. For instance, heavy vehicles, such as water tankers and cargo containers, should be stopped from entering areas around the stadium since their presence exacerbates the problem, increasing the chances of accidents, which, in turn, further add to the mess.

The logjams increase transportation cost due to continuous consumption of fuel. In such a situation, rickshaws and taxis also charge double the normal fares from commuters.


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