Maryam wants Imran to be banned across country.

LAHORE: PML-N chief organizer Maryam Nawaz on Monday called for restrictions on PTI chief Imran Khan across the country. She was addressing a gathering of the party's 'young leagers' in Lahore.

Referring to the former prime minister complaining that the PML-N leader was allowed to hold rallies, while he was not, Ms Nawaz said she has not been handed over this freedom on a platter, adding she has snatched it. She said Imran Khan had said in an audio leak that they will play on the US cipher.

"Playing on the cipher means playing with the future of Pakistan," she exclaimed.

She remarked that leaders are supposed to be brave, adding that slain PTI worker Zille Shah kept sitting outside Imran's Zaman Park residence, but the party chief did not pay any attention. "A leader should be a good administrator as well as brave," Maryam added.

She further said she will make efforts to help the youth of Pakistan. "Youth will decide the fate of this country," Ms Nawaz said.

Pakistan is a nuclear power, and can deal with external threats, the PML-N leader said, adding the country is facing internal threats as well. Maryam claimed that the country needed her father...

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