Maryam urges ulema role for promoting tolerance, harmony in society.

LAHORE -- Chief Organiser and Senior Vice President Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Maryam Nawaz called upon ulema and mushaikh on Saturday to play their crucial role for promoting tolerance and harmony in society, saying that they have a strong voice in the country.

Addressing a meeting organised by the PML-N Ulema and Mushaikh Wing Punjab chapter, she said the religious scholars' support and role was needed to educate people in the current challenges afflicting the nation.

She regretted that country's religious, social and moral values were under attack by a political party through a planned conspiracy. She added that it was part of big conspiracy against Pakistan, under which the PTI received foreign funding. She claimed that religion was also used for political ambitions by that party.

The PTI used religion to accuse political opponents for its vested political interests, she said adding that the PML-N leadership remained the target of extremist elements in the country which were under influence of hateful religious propaganda. Even Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal fell victim to that propaganda, as he was shot at and injured by the extremist elements, she recalled. Even the sanctity of holy sites in Saudi Arabia was not protected as party's activists abused the PML-N leaders at such sacred places under a hate element, spread by the PTI leadership.

She said that the entire PML-N leadership faced the worst victimisation during the PTI government, but they bravely faced the accountability process. However, nothing was proved against any party leader as all cases were politically motivated. But when PTI chief Imran Khan was asked about his misdeeds and corrupt practices, he attempted to create chaos in the country by attacking the state properties including military installations.

Women and youth were also used as a shield and their minds were poisoned just...

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