Maryam taunts Imran over criticism of caretaker CM.

London -- Maryam NawAaz, senior vice president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, on Tuesday mocked PTI Chairman Imran Khan over his criticism of the appointment of Mohsin Naqvi as Punjab's caretaker chief minister, saying that perhaps Farah Khan should be made caretaker CM instead.

Ms Nawaz was referring to Farhat Shahzadi alias Farah Khan, a friend of the PTI chief's wife, Bushra Bibi. Ms Khan is accused by the incumbent government of having influence over political appointments and illegally amassing wealth and property during Mr Khan's tenure.

'He [Mr Khan] has started crying over this [the caretaker appointment]. If he opposes certain names, maybe Farah should be made caretaker chief minister in Punjab, because she has experience of...

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