Maryam Likely To Get 'Powerful' Role In PML-N.

ISLAMABAD -- The ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz is likely to make some key changes in its cenAtral leadership by giving a more prominent and powerful role to its incumbent Senior Vice PresiAdent Maryam Nawaz Sharif.

Well-placed party sources inAformed that it has been decided on the 'highest level' that MaryAam Nawaz Sharif will be made president of the Pakistan MusAlim League-Nawaz in lieu of the incumbent president and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who will vacate the position after beAcoming chairman of the party by replacing Raja Zafar ul Haq.

It is no secret anymore that the party leadership including Nawaz Sharif are unhappy over the role of party's incumbent Chairman Raja Zafar ul Haq in the by-election in PP-7, RawalApindi, where his son and former MPA Raja Muhammad Ali was reAfused party ticket and the same was awarded to Raja Sagheer Ahmed - a turncoat of PTI, who was de-seated after voting HamAza Shehbaz Sharif in Punjab AsAsembly. Raja Zafar ul Haq did not honour the party decision in the by-elections and he never came up to support the party candiAdates. The party candidate Raja Sagheer Ahmed even alleged that he had supported the PTI candidate under the cover.

Party sources informed that Raja Zafar-ul-Haq was already out of touch with party affairs due to his illness and now afAter the by-elections, the 'gap' has been increased between him and the party's top leaderAship. Though, the party ranks are...

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