Marriyum declares May 9 arson as 'sedition & treason'.

ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Wednesday said military installations, and public and private properties were attacked along with desecration of memorials of martyrs and Ghazis on May 9 under a 'well thought-out plan' which came under purview of 'sedition and treason'.

'Imran Khan is the mastermind of instigating armed groups who attacked sensitive military and civilian installations and desecrated the memorials of Ghazis and martyrs on May 9,' the minister said while addressing a news conference.

She said it was decided in the meeting of the National Security Committee yesterday that May 9 would be observed as 'Black Day' every year to condemn those who had attacked the country.

'What the armed groups of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) did on May 9, the arch enemy of Pakistan could not dare to do in 75 years history,' she added.

"Under Imran Khan's well-thought-out planning, the PTI armed groups and planted goons attacked the military installations and other important buildings,' she said, adding even hospitals, ambulances, patients and schools were not spared on May 9.

The minister also regretted the desecration of the memorials of martyrs and Ghazis that did hurt the sentiments of the valiant soldiers guarding the country's borders. The historical building of Radio Pakistan was also set on fire in Peshawar by the "PTI goons".

Marriyym said it was not a political or public protest by any means, rather it was an act of "anti-nationalism and sedition", which a handful of armed groups perpetrated at the behest of Imran Khan.

While sitting in Zaman Park which had been turned into a 'shelter home' for armed groups, Imran Khan orchestrated the entire saga which was executed by "the PTI goons who even burnt Pakistan's flag - symbol of the country's dignity and honour".

"These people even set ablaze ambulances, hospitals, schools, mosques and animal markets, and this was by no means a political reaction,' she said, adding there would be no concession for any person involved in arson attacks.

She said it was the state's responsibility to protect not only those who were thrown out of ambulances, but also the school going children.

Those who had damaged the civilian property would be dealt with according to civilian laws, whereas trials of those who attacked military installations would be conducted as per the jurisdiction and relevant laws, the minister maintained.

'The armed forces are the protectors of...

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