Mamond residents want action against stray dogs.

BAJAUR -- Residents of Mamond tehsil here on Sunday complained about increase in the number of stray dogs in different localities and asked the district administration to launch an action to cull them.

Talking to reporters, residents of Gatkai, Shagoo, Kharkey, Kaga, Landai and Kasskrewand villages said presence of a large number of stray dogs had scared them, particularly children.

'Dog bite incidents are also on increase as authorities are not paying attention to this grave issue,' Ghulam Rasool Khan, a social activist from Gataki area, said.

He said dog bite incidents had spread dread among residents, adding children were afraid of venturing out of their houses.

The residents said stray dogs had bitten some children while going to school a week ago.

Akbar Khan, a resident of Kaga area, said he might stop his son from going to school due to the dread of stray dogs if the authorities did not...

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