Malala and Asser Malik address 'some very serious comments' on their first wedding anniversary.

Malala and Asser Malik have been married a whole year and with someone as highly regarded globally as her, speculations about her partner were bound to be made. The couple made a fun video of them reacting to comments left by other people and they discussed Malik's name, his attractiveness and feminism, with a joke or two between the partners.

On Wednesday, they shared the video of them seated side by side captioned, 'Some important news on our first anniversary.' They tried to enact a joint prank on the audience by trying to make it sound like what they were going to discuss was something serious. They started out strong, 'There's something really important we need to tell you' but soon their words stumbled and out came the bloopers, 'we've been married for one year and on our anniversary-', ''cause this is serious,' before they finally said that they want to address some comments.

Reading off a card, Malala said, 'I can't wait for everyone who, not wrongly, fancies Malala's husband to say he isn't worth sh*t when they find out he's 5'7.' Correcting the person, Malik responded, 'Guys, I'm 5'11, okay, 5'11.' Malala cheekily added, 'But not 6.'

Malik read the next comment. 'Paul Rudd is the sexiest man alive. Me and every woman I know: actually Malala's husband,' he said. 'People Magazine, if you're listening,' he hinted at a feature as a magazine with him on the cover made its way across the screen.

Malala was looking forward to reading the next one and we see why. 'Malala's husband is so hot, I can't believe growing up people said boys wouldn't like you if you're a feminist and then Malala said actually that's not true,' she read, amused.

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