O.magnai Resigns in Opposition to Reshuffled Cabinet Structure

Director of the Agency for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection (AFCCP) O.Magnai announced his resignation on Monday following his objection to work for a government without an opposition party.

He reported that the new government has been formed without any opposition party, which he believes is "totally against the principles of democracy".

"There must be an opposition party within the government which monitors the government's work. The AFCCP operates under a direct administration of the Prime Minister. I can't work with Deputy Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh as it doesn't match the AFCCP's ethics and principles," O.Magnai cited as his reason for resigning.

When journalists asked what he will do now that he has resigned from his position, he said, "The Mongolian state needs cleaning and that is what I'm going to do."

O.Magnai worked as the director of the...

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