Luban Workshop empowering Pakistani youth.

MULTAN -- Luban Workshop, an initiative jointly advanced by the Punjab Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), Pakistan and Tianjin Modern Vocational Technology College, China, is empowering the local youth by equipping them with technical knowhow.

'So far, 33 Pakistani graduates have received both Pakistani vocational training certificates and Chinese academic certificates,' Zhang Ying, Director of International Department, Tianjin Modern Vocational Technology College, told the China Economic Net (CEN).

Under this initiative, students first take a six-month course of Luban Workshop, then a 24-month study on electrical automation at Tianjin Modern Vocational Technology College, and six-month internship in enterprises in alliance with the workshop.

'Eight enterprises in Pakistan have entered into industry-education alliance with Luban Workshop, providing employment opportunities to the students,' Zhang added.

Unveiled at the Punjab TEVTA in 2018, the workshop primarily serves the industrial modernisation of Lahore and Multan to help in Pakistan's industrial transformation and agricultural mechanisation.

To cultivate technical talents with necessary capabilities, 32 teachers from Pakistan and China have developed six textbooks, one set of simulation software, 160 pieces of courseware, and nearly 1,500 minutes of teaching videos.

The star course, Industrial Automation and Robotics which has been included in the technical education and vocational training system of Punjab, has completed 4,000 class hours of teaching in the local...

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